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From 1987 till Today ;

Murat Automotive Ltd. company which started its commercial life in 1987, maintains its commercial activities by wholesaling all kind of original and aftermarket spare parts for Japanese, Korean and European vehicles in a large scale.

In 2012 Murat Automotive started to produce its own spare parts in a 4700m² closed area and its basic aim is to expand its product range without giving any concession with regard to quality production principles by doing continuous R&D activities.

With its continuously growing product range and cheery staff each of whom is competent in the automotive sector, our company keeps on serving its customers not only in Turkey but also all over the World. We adopted "Client Targeted Service" concept with a great sincerity and follow the newest technologic innovations besides fulfilling all the inquiries and requests from our clients to supply in a short while with quality service and competitive prices. Thanks to our constant service, we managed to sell our products in more than 60 countries in different continents.

We as Murat Automotive always keep being among the initials in automotive spare parts sector in regard to paying attention to the importance of constant improvement and sustainable competitive power that provides us to ensure the future of our Company.

 Korjap is a Murat Automotive brand.